Trac all things ordinal.

Decentralized metaprotocol tracking for Bitcoin Ordinals.

What is Trac?

Indexer / Tracker / API

Trac's decentralized API enables developers to create new things for the Ordinals space. We already did the heavy index-lifting and track everything under the sun. You already may use our public endpoints for various projects. After final release, developers may self-host Trac and roll their own tracking. For free.


You have new ideas for the Ordinals space? That's great because Trac is composable. Combine data from Trac's decentralized network and create something new. You will have a direct advantage over centralized and cost-intensive API services.


Trac consistently provides new & useful protocols and features. Since Trac is community driven, the community may decide what's next. After public release of the Trac governance protocol, community members will vote on new Trac features, utilizing the BRC-20 $TRAC token.


Trac is under heavy development and we are looking at an opensource release in the near future. We already provided public endpoints for various projects and protocols like Bitmaps, Handles, TAP and BRC-20 that everyone can use for free.


Trac already partnered with various projects such as Bitmaps, InscribedHandles and is working directly with individual developers who seek to implement Trac. If you feel you would like to partner with Trac, join our Discord and request a partnership.